Adaptation to Contact Lenses

We customise all types of contact lenses, such as soft lenses, rigid gas permeable,orto-k, keratoconus, post laser surgery, corneal transplants,etc...


The fundamental key to success in the use of contact lenses is to follow and trust the advice of our qualified professionals to ensure satisfaction and good healthy eyes.

Even if you are not suffering from any problems , regular checkups are very important for your health and the comfort of your eyes.

Here at Optica Maestro we specialize in;

  • Soft contact lenses
  • Rigid contact lenses (R.G.P)
  • Orto-k - Method of correction by eliminating myopia through the use of special contact lenses while you sleep, resulting in perfect vision throughout the day without the use of glasses or lenses.
  • Contact lenses for children
  • Multifocal contact lenses
  • Post surgery
  • Diagnosis and correction of keratoconus
  • C.R.T
  • Cosmetic contact lenses, we offer a wide range of colours and designs

Using the latest technology and following a few easy steps, we can identify and reccomend the best type of contact lenses for each individual, making for a comfortable , enjoyable and successful adaptation.


Here at Optica Maestro we use the best contact lenses, armed with the latest advances in technology and materials, paired with our in-depth revision, we can guarantee a successfull contact lens experience.

Many users come to us with problems and bad experiences with their contact lenses, such as dry eyes, uncomfortable sensation after a few hours, blurred vision, redness...In our center we will study your case and find the best type of contact lenses which are best suited for your eyes and your needs.

In Optica Maestro, Learning to see better


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